......................................Knut Eeg Nielsen

    Asdic Matros 1. kl.
Knut Eeg Nielsen

28 mars 1915 - 07 October 2004

Did duty on these submarines during ww 2

He was trasfered from Uredd to Ula before Uredd
went out on her last patrol

Medals: Norwegian War medal with 3 stars(English)
Distinguished Service Medal , Atlantic Star
and War Medal




  Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)   
Awarded for act of bravery                             
 Who show themselves to the fore in action, and set an example of bravery and resource under fire.
   Distinguished Service Medal (George VI)

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Deltaker medaljen Haakon 7 medalje War Medal                
( Engelsk medalje)
Atlantic Star
( Engelsk medalje)














War Medal



Atlantic Star

Atlantic Star

1939-45 Star

1939-45 Sta