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Submarine memorial Dundee 17.sep. 2009

The Royal  Norwegian Navy had during the WW2 three  subs which operated on the Norwegian coastline. It was Uredd, Ula, and Utsira. I will here tell a little about Uredd and Ula where  my father had his service during the war. The Royal  Norwegian subs belonged to the 9th.Submarine flotilla with home base in Dundee. They operated together with English, Dutch, Polish, and French submarines.


The three Norwegian subs made totally 22 attacks on hostile merchant and warships. The results was 7 mercantile ships, 1 escort ship, and one submarine. ( U 974 ) A 6000 tons tanker was damaged, while the results from attacks on 2 subs and 1 mercantile ship are unknown.
The Norwegian subs fired 63 torpedoes against hostile ships during the war. The subs made also special assignment as setting ashore and picking up agents in occupied Norway.
Ula was the sub that had the most war patrols of all allied subs in Europe and the most ship sunk, and avoided the most depth charges ( 114 ) in one attack

  HNoSM  UREDD  ( P41 ) 


The Royal Norwegian sub Uredd made 7 successfully missions, but  did never return from her 8th. mission in February 1943. The wreak was located in 1985 south of Bødø ( Bodø is in the northern part of  Norway ) She had sailed into an unknown German minefield. The whole crew of 34 and 7 agents died.  3 of the crew was British

Sub- Lieutenant       (  Royal Navy )
Conde,  Edwin 
Leading-signaler     (  Royal Navy )  Habgood, Victor
Leading-telegrapher ( Royal Navy )  Barker, Jac

  HNoSM  ULA  ( P66 )


The Royal Norwegian sub Ula made 14 successful missions  before the war was over. "The Norwegian Section" in 9th Submarine flotilla got many acknowledging words following telegram from the admiral in command of the British home fleet, is an example which illustrate this: 

"H.Nor.M. Submarine "Ula" is an exceptionally efficient and well handled vessel manned by a crew who cheerfully face all hazards under particurlary skillful and daring leadership".

Flag Officer (Submarine) admiral C.B. Barry : "It is with the greatest pleasure that I draw your attention to the particularly distinguished and successfull part the Royal Norwegian Submarine "Ula" has played."