Georg Næss did first his service on the destroyer "Bath" which was sunk by a German submarine. He was one of 34 survivors from a  crew of 98  young Norwegians sailors were rescued by the English ship
"St. Albans". 64 young Norwegian sailors were killed.
After that , he started as a recruit on a English training school in Skegeness  together with several other yong Norwegians sailors which had come over to England from Norway. He was educated as a torpedoe man, and soon became an skillful torpedoe officer.
He did service on all Norwegian submarines (3) "Uredd", "Ula", and "Utsira" during the war. 
Georg Næss was awarded with these medals:  Norwegian war medal with 3 stars.

Georg Næss lived in Nøtterøy a place just outside Tønsberg, Norway. He was war retiered until he died  Feb.2002