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 Submarine of the 9th flotilla









(Lt. J.S. Launders) Joined the 9th Sub.
Flotilla at Dundee. Sank 2,500 ton steamer 2 March 44; 600 ton steamer 11 September; Sank two German U boats - U771 on 11-Nov-44, off Lofoten Islands, Norway, and U864, off Bergen, Norway, on 9-Feb-45. The sinking of U864 was a first, both boats being dived at the time. Periscope attack, the German's sloppy periscope drill gave Venturer two good sightings. Sank 600 ton steamer 22 Jan 45 and a 1000 ton steamer 19 March 45. Later became Norwegian Utstein. Broken up at Sarpsborg.