H.Nor.M. Submarine P - 41 "Uredd" 

Service in the 9th. submarine flotilla from 28.01.42 to February 1943

 Vickers Armstrong Barrow-in- Furness. Autumn 1941 a series of new modern submarines was buildt. Among the equipment  were radar and asdic. The 27th. September 1941 the norwegian navy got one of these submarines and became P - 41 Uredd. Uredd was a U - class sub custom made for operations in costal waters. Uredd was set afloat  24. August 1941.


P-41 Uredd:

-Depl. 545 tonn i overflatestilling, 740 tonn neddykket -Dimensjoner 196 3/4' x 16' x 12 3/4'
-Maskiner 2 dieselmotorer, 615 BHK, 10,5 kn. i overflatestilling
-Elektromotor, 825 BHK, 8,5 kn. under vann
-Aksjonsradius 4050 n. mil ved 10 kn., 30 n. mil ved 9 kn. neddykket
-Bestykning 76 mm kanon og tre maskingeværer
-Torpedorør 4 stk 53,3 cm
-Torpedoer 8 stk. Mk VIII
-Dykkedybde 33 favner
-Besetning 34
-Under norsk kommando fra 07.12.41 til ca. 20.02.43
-Krigsklar 08.03.1942

Løytnant  Rolf Q. Røren commander on the old norwegian sub  B - 1 became commander on the new U - class sub Uredd.

H.Nor.M. Submarine "Uredd"  made 7 successful missions, but did never return from her 8 mission in February 1943.

Uredd had patrolling tasks in Norwegian costal areas and did also hit Germann vessels. The 31th. January Uredd went out on her last mission. This mission was very special, she was to go to Bodø to set ashore five men from Kompani Linge     (Norwegian special agents) Afterwards she was to go to Senja to pick up two French submarine sailors  after the French Submarine Junon in a hurry had to leave them back i Norway.
Uredd was supposed to be back in Lerwick the 19th. February.

The Royal Norwegian Submarines  75 years  of celebration  in Bergen  1984

Veterans from " Uredd" and  "Ula"  at   Uredd,s  memorial column .

 The wreck of  H.Nor.M. Submarine "Uredd" was found by KNM Tana in 1985 on 105 meters depth Southwest of Fugløyvær. south of  Bodø. She had sailed into an unknown German minefield and was destroyed by a mine explosion. The whole crew of 34 sailors and  6 agents were all killed

H.Nor.M. Submarine Uredd is the only submarine lost in Norwegian sub history.

13.March 1986 was the place where Uredd sank declared as a war grave