Knut Eeg Nielsen from Tønsberg asked to come onboard  H.Nor.M. Submarine "Uredd" last mission.
Strange to hear that our comrades have been found  
The submarine men with many missions for a free Norway


A strange feeling. You know I thought of my comrades when  the news came. It is Knut Eeg Nielsen on Solvang in Tønsberg who says this. He speaks of the wreck of the  H.Nor.M. Submarine "Uredd" Uredd  was recently  found at the Helgeland coast of Norway.  If  Eeg Nielsen had had his way he would have been onboard the sub,s last mission, winter 1943. The mission that ended in a minefield  on the Norwegian coast line. Eeg Nielsen was the asdic man on board the Uredd and was ordered to transfer to another sub just before the fatal mission with agents to Northern Norway. His application to stay onboard Uredd was denied. Both Eeg Nielsen and Georg Næss , another veteran from the submarines says that the finding of the wreck has made a deep impression


Norwegian newspaper : Vestfold Arbeiderblad. 
November 1985


Knut Eeg Nielsen had duty on these Norwegian  submarines: B1, Uredd and Ula.

Georg Næss had duty on these  Norwegian submarines: Uredd, Ula and  Utsira