Patrol no. Datum / Year Missions Sunken / damaged Commander
1 20.06.43 - 29.06.43 Anti sub patrol in the North Sea 0 Sars
2 07.08.43 -  Anti sub patrol in the North Sea 0 Sars
3 01.09.43 - 12.09.43 Special mission (Venus)  Ship special agents to Norway 0 Sars
4 24.09.43 - 14.10.43 Attack German  war ship, and larger units 0 Sars
5 30.10.43 - 16.11.43 To destroy enemy shipping in Statland area  0 Valvatne
6 20.11.43 -  Destroy enemy shipping in Statland area (operation Epsom) 2 Valvatne
7 a To destroy enemy shipping in Skudnes area  0 Sars
8 20.02.44 To destroy enemy (in the Lista aera) 0.  Sars
9 15.03.44 - 23.03.44 Operation "Foremost"  sink the battleship Tirpitz 0 Valvatne
10 26.03.44 - 07.04.44 Special mission : (Apparatus) Valvatne
11 16.04.44 - 24.04.44 Anti sub patrol 1.  u- boat


  Patrol no. 1. Anti sub patrol in the North Sea
   Patrol no. 2.  Anti sub patrol in the North Sea
Patrol no. 3.













This time "Ula " had a special mission . They were to take 5 agents from "Kompani Linge" ashore. The place was Medfjorden . When "Ula" went in to Medfjorden she had to be very careful due to some fishing boats and their fishing gear and nets. The distance to some of the fishing boats was nor more than 1500 feet. The 5th. September 1943 at  23.10 o clock "Ula" emerged by the eastern shore - camouflaged by the mountains. She had slow down her speed towards Kvalviken where the agents should be put ashore. The guns on Ula were manned, and the rubber boats with equipment for the agents were made ready.

15 minutes later the first boat was on its way ashore with 2 agents. Two of  the crew on "Ula  row the agents asore, they were Stømsland and Knut Eeg Nielsen. The rubber boat kept in touch with "Ula" with a flag line, this way the other boats were pulled ashore. Later came 2 boats with agents and equipment and batteries to the radio

1 1/2 hours later the crew on "Ula" were back on board and minutes later "Ula" went out Medfjorden.

My father Knut Eeg Nielsen took a small stone with him back onboard as a symbol of mother Norway.He also told a young agent ashore while they awaited the next shipment of supplies that he found him extremely brave to go into occupied land  - while he was going back to his sub. The young agent said he never would changed place with the submariners . He would never go onboard a sub ever again. He did not sleep for the six days he was onboard.

Following signal "Ula" received from Flag Officer Commanding Submarines  after this mission : 
 "My heartiest congratulations. Well done indeed." 

  Patrol no. 4.

Attack German  war ships , and larger units

  Patrol no. 5.



"Ula" got bearing of a ship. It was the Swedish  ship " Nagara".  "Narara" had to stop to be identified  -  then  was allowed to sail.  This identification  took a while cause  " Ula" had trouble with the radio signal to London. "Ula" was during this event  extremely exposed  -  because they did not know if  this was a enemy  ships or not.

  Patrol no. 6.






This patrol was start of  costal patrolling where enemy ships in coastal areas should be attacked. A transport ship about 3000 tons were discovered being towed by a tugboat  -  an escort boat  was also discovered. " Ula" fired a torpedo forwards the escort ship  -  30 seconds later came an explosion. Then the transport ship was sunk.  It never came a depth charge attack against "Ula" from the tugboat.
After the war information  -  "Ula" had never hit the escort  vessel, but the transport ship the D/S "Arcturus" had been hit by two torpedoes and sunk within  15 - 20 seconds.  All survivors were saved by the German escort vessel. 
The 24.November  "Ula" attacked a German convoy near Breisundet which resulted in sinking of the German ship "Eisstorm"
  Patrol no. 7.


Two attacks against merchant vessel were carried out without result - as the torpedoes did no work.
  Patrol no. 8.




20.February 1944: Ula discover a convoy of 8 ships escorted by 6 anti-sub vessels, and about 12 airplanes. "Ula" attached with 4 torpedoes at a distance of  6.500 yards 2 vessels.  After 5 minutes came two explosions. "Ula" was herself attaced 14 depth charges from escort vessel but non hit.
25.February: 3 torpedoes fired against merchant vessel on about 2000 tons -   4 minutes later came two explosions, 4 minutes later  -  no ship to see  
After the war it came up  -  none of the vessels were hit.
  Patrol no. 9.




Operation "Foremost" which "Ula" is joining is a very dangerous mission. The battleship "Tirpitz"  is on her way out Altafjord. The Germans will take her back to Germany for repair. Several subs were sent over the North- Sea. " Ula" was placed outside Breisundet not far from Ålesund. After two day the operation ended because "Tirpitz" went back to base in the Altafjord. "Ula" continue her patrols.  21.March " Ula" discover hostile convoy and fires 4 torpedoes. No hits this time.
  Patrol no. 10.













26 March: Operatjon Apparatus.ULA goes to Kvalviken in Medfjorden  with supplies to the agents they set ashore in September last year. "Ula" follows the same procedure as before. 4 crew from "Ula" in a rubber boat paddled ashore. Two of the men pulled the rubber boat back and forth several times with supplies to a hiding place.
After the Operation Apparatus ended "Ula" got signal from London to go to the place "Stadt"  to attack German ships there.  3 April 1944  "Ula" is spotted by a German signal station which contacted them via morse signal. Since "Ula" did not know the code used she immediately submerged.
4 April "Ula" discovers a German convoy with 6- 8 cargo vessels and at least 8 escort vessels. " Ula" destroy one 9000 tons cargo vessel in this convoi . The escorts are soon over "Ula" and hunt her for 8 1/2 houers. During these hours 114 depth charges were dropped against "Ula" and some were very close to hit her. When "Ula" later emerged to take star observations to set the right possisjon  -  she had to submerge immediately since she emerged  in the middle of a mine field. Safely in the deep the could hear the mine wires scrape against the body of Ula Never had a submarine survived so many depth charges in one attack. After the war it came up that it was the German ship "ILL"  they had sunk.
6 April "Ula" sinks the German transport ship " Wesergau". 68 depth charges are now dropped to sink "Ula" There were two German escort ship  which dropped depth charges over "Ula"  - the same ships which two days before dropped 114 depth charges.
My father who was the asdic operator onboard Ula tells that he had to thrown the headphones off his head when the depth charges exploded  -  When the German escort ships was speeded over Ula to drop drop their depth charges it was like a train was drivig over them.


  Patrol no. 11.









19.April 1944: "Ula" sinks the German submarine  U - 974 as she is escorted by a minesweeper of the    M - class. "Ula" fires 4 torpedoes with a range of 600 yards. One of the torpedoes is seen hitting the  U - 974  just behind the tower and following a powerful explosion indicated that it was the U - 974 starting to break in pieces as she sank. 
The following attack on "Ula" dropped 18 depth charges   -  but none hurt her.
22.April : "Ula" discovers a convoi with numerous ships. 4 torpedoes are fired from emerged possission against a merchant vessel  of about 2000 tons in a distance of 800 yards. One torpedoes hit mid ship and "Ula" submerged between two escort ships wittin a distance of 300 yards away.  Submerged the crew on "Ula" could hear the familiar noise of ship breaking apart  and are about to sink. 
39 minutes later "Ula" emerged to see that the merchant vessel had sunk and the escort vessel still was searching the sea with searchlights.. The transport ship Ula had sunk was Babia"of Germany
When "Ula" on the 28 April came back to her base in Dundee all free from duty on the allied submarines and those who worked at the submarine base  -  all stood at the wharf to greet them.

 It was a very proud submarine crew came home to their base in Dundee this day.

  Patrol no. 12.  


  Patrol no. 13.  


  Patrol no. 14.