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An RAF photo-reconnaissance training flight captures the activity at HMS Ambrose,
Dundee Submarine Base, on the afternoon of 2 July 1943. ( link from Dundee International Submarine Memorial.)

Photo of  " Ula"  and her crew who did service on this submarine during ww2.   
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The Tower on "ULA" "ULA"  returned to her home base          ( Dundee) "ULA"  in open sea 
B1, Ula, Utsira in Bergen  Submariner.  Ula Card playing
Norwegians recruits in training school  in Skegness ( England) using English uniforms. Norwegian U-clas subs, Utsira and Ula in the Shetlands Lieut. Lauritsen and Ula,s crew greeting King Haakon VII
HRH  King Haakon VII gives " Ula " her name .(28 march 1943) Lieut. Lauritsen saluting King Haakon at launch of Submarine Ula, Barrow-in-Furness  Submarine Ula  crew










Source : Dundee International Submarine Memorial

An RAF photo-reconnaissance training flight captures the activity at HMS Ambrose, Dundee Submarine Base, on the afternoon of 2 July 1943. The images are not always of the best quality, but they are a unique record


Lead boat is the new Norwegian HNoMS Ula (P66) returning from her first war patrol, an anti-U boat patrol north of Shetland. Following Ula upriver is the larger British S-class submarine HMS Satyr (P214) which has just completed trials following a brief docking in Dundee


Ula has, by the time the aircraft passed on its return journey, secured on the west wall of Victoria Dock. Alongside the Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Company's berth on the far side of the dock is the SS Dundee, built at the Caledon Shipyard in 1934. Requisitioned as a convoy rescue ship in 1943, SS Dundee took on the perilous role of combing U-boat infested Atlantic sea lanes in search of survivors from torpedoed ships.

P66 Ula

Continuing westwards, the RAF aircrew took this image of the Royal Navy sloop HMS Fleetwood under refit in the East Graving Dock. 
Two months earlier, on 11 May 1943, Fleetwood had shared with a Halifax aircraft in the destruction of U-528 south-west of Ireland. 
Fitted with the latest Type 291 radar and Hedgehog forward-throwing anti-submarine mortar while in Dundee, she went on to join the 41st Escort Group at Gibraltar where she took part in the sinking of U-340 in November 1943. Built to last, HMS Fleetwood was scrapped in 1959


HMS Satyr secured alongside at the Eastern Wharf ahead of the destroyer HMS St Mary's.
The former American Town class destroyer USS Bagley transferred to the Royal Navy under the Lend-Lease scheme in September 1940, much of HMS St Mary's career under the white ensign was spent escorting the minelayers of the 1st Minelaying Squadron based at Kyle of Lochalsh. By the time this photograph was taken in 1943, however, St Mary's was twenty-five years old and worn out. Reduced to escorting coastal convoys around Scotland, she was decommissioned in February 1944 and scrapped shortly after the war.


Continuing upriver, the aircraft took this image of the HMS Ambrose buildings (centre right) in Dundee Harbour. The long sheds at left were linked to the Caledon Shipyard fitting out jetty

King George VI and the present Queen Mother on a visit to HMS Ambrose in 1941. It is taken outside the main door at the former Lindsay and Low jam factory in Caledon Street. The building still stands much as it was in 1941, although the rail lines were lifted a couple of years ago. Captain Roper is at right. The Queen is speaking to a Dutch officer (I think) who has just been decorated

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