The Norwegian submarine "Uredd" is overdue from patrol and must be presumed lost.

    In Memory Of Those Brave Submariners....

     It was a dark night on the North Sea in 1943. A submarine was making her way steathily towards the German-occupied  coastline of Norway.

            The Sunday Post,  Glasgow

She was the Uredd, a Norwegian subbased in Scotland, at Dundee
Along with Polish, Dutch, and French subs, her mission was to attack German Radio station at Nivika, on the coast of Norway.
As well as her normal crew, she carried a five- strong Norwegian special operation team plus a three- man British liaison team.
The Brits were  Sub- Lieutenant  Edwin Conde, Leading-signaller Victor Habgood, and Leading-telegrapher Jack Barker.

But discaster struck. The Uredd strayed into a minefield.
There was a horrific explosion. She went to bottom with all hands.


Since that tragic night , her precise resting place has been unknown - until Remembrance Day last mounth.
By a poignant coincidence, that was the very day the Uredd was found by a Norwegian navial vessel, 300 feet down.
The sub from Dundee was resting undisturbed where shes`s lain for almost 43 years
Now relatives have the comfort of knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones`final graves.
The may like to know the Norwegians plan to hold a memorial service over the exact  spot, Hopefully on February 24.  43rd anniversary of the night  she went down.

The first submarine, Uredd, carried out seven missions successfully, but never returned from her eight mission (February 1943). Long after the war the wreck was found in the waters south of the town of Bodø. She had sailed into a German minefield and had sunk with her crew of 33 as well as six agents who were to be landed in Norway. At this time a second submarine had been commissioned for the Norwegian navy. She successfully carried out 14 operations before the end of the war. Our third submarine was operational in November 1944. She completed three missions before the war ended. In all, the three Norwegian submarines carried out 22 attacks on German ships, which resulted in the sinking of seven merchant ships, one naval escort and one German U-boat. In addition, a 6000-ton tanker was damaged. The results of attacks on two other U-boats and one merchant ship are unknown.